Anderson Cooper Just Schooled Trump On Political Science In Two Perfect Words


The Ninth Circuit Court won’t let the Trump administration implement institutional racism and Donald Trump just can’t stand it. Below was his immediate reaction on Wednesday after Judge William Orrick issued a temporary injunction blocking Trump’s proposed punishment of sanctuary cities:

Ironically, the sanctuary cities case hasn’t reached the circuit court just yet; Trump’s anger mainly stems from the knowledge that the matter could be appealed to the Ninth Circuit. He also tweeted:

Trump didn’t stop there, though, he then went on the record as saying that as a result of the Ninth Circuit having blocked two of his proposed orders, he is “absolutely” considering breaking the court up. He also added:

‘There are many people that want to break up the 9th Circuit. It’s outrageous. “Everybody immediately runs to the 9th Circuit. And we have a big country. We have lots of other locations. But they immediately run to the 9th Circuit. Because they know that’s like, semi-automatic.’

“Semi-automatic,” does he mean like a gun? What is he referring to? Whatever he is talking about, of all of his executive powers, dismantling a court and making it what he thinks it should be, isn’t something he has the authority to do. With two words, CNN schooled Trump about just how outlandish his claims of breaking up a court, are. During a segment with Anderson Cooper, the ticker at the bottom of the screen displayed:

‘Trump threatens to break up 9th Circuit Court.’

However, the two words that totally reflect how misinformed Donald Trump is, are what CNN wrote in parentheses. After the caption, they added, “He can’t.” anderson-cooper1 Anderson Cooper Just Schooled Trump On Political Science In Two Perfect Words Donald Trump Media Social Media Top Stories Social media users also sounded off about Trump’s ludicrous threat:

Anderson Cooper’s segment on Trump’s desire to break-up the Ninth Circuit Court may be found below and begins around 17:30:

Featured Image screengrab via YouTube.