Desperate Farmer Unable To Find Workers Calls Out Trump’s Racist Immigration Policies


President Trump has delivered countless messages about creating jobs and improving life for the American people. Now, the American people have a message for him, and it’s one he probably wasn’t expecting.

As part of their “Red, Purple and Blue” series, CNN recently spoke with Americans in a number of primarily Democratic states, including Joel del Bosque, a farmer in California’s Central Valley who is also the son of Mexican migrants.

del Bosque explained that Trump’s immigration policies make him “nervous.”

‘When he talks about mass deportations, that makes me nervous. Putting a wall on the border, that makes me nervous.’

He also said that Trump’s immigration policies have affected his bottom line because he was not able to get enough workers to harvest his crops this year.

‘We can grow the crops but not pick them.’

One of the few workers del Bosque does have also spoke to CNN and explained that the undocumented immigrants he knows are afraid to go outside or go to the store because ICE might be around.

Fear, nervousness, and anxiety seem to be the general feelings shared by Americans dealing with Trump’s presidency. Several other people that CNN spoke to expressed sentiments similar to del Bosque’s, although they, of course, had different reasons for their fears.

One woman with Type 1 diabetes explained that Trump “frightens” her because of his eagerness to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. She said that, without health insurance, something she currently can only get through the ACA, she will not be able to afford the medication that she needs to survive.

Two women from Baltimore, Maryland also expressed concerns about Trump’s presidency. One, a mother of five black sons, said that she does not think Trump has any insight into her life. She followed this statement up by saying:

‘And I don’t think he cares to.’

‘My city is screaming out for help. He spoke about being a president for all…but he’s failed.’

The other woman from Baltimore, a neuropsychiatrist, told CNN that she also feels that she is not represented in Trump’s administration.

‘From what I hear and what I see, I don’t think that I’m represented at the table.’

If Trump truly wanted to be a president for the people, he would be listening to the concerns of those interviewed by CNN. However, he’s probably too busy calling the network fake news to hear what’s being said.

Watch a clip the most CNN’s “Red, Purple and Blue” series below, via YouTube.

Featured image is a screenshot from the video.