Obama’s Attorney General Just Called Out ‘Mr. Trump’ – Prepare For W.H. Tirade


Donald Trump’s excuse for not winning the popular vote in the 2016 election took a “shameful” turn, according to Eric Holder. President Barack Obama’s former Attorney General decided to speak out against the president’s accusations of voter fraud.

Trump had three wrong reasons for illegal voting: lax voter ID laws, illegal residents, and false registrations. Holder condemned these as a form of cheating, according to Huffington Post:

‘Some Republicans have declared, “If you can’t beat ‘em, change the rules.” Make it more difficult for those least likely to support Republican candidates to vote.’

According to the former AG, the president encouraged voter suppression, Huffington Post reported:

‘This is done with the knowledge that by simply depressing the votes of certain groups, not even winning the majority vote of these groups, elections can in fact be effective.’

Tennessee, Kansas, Arkansas, and 30 other states have unfair voter ID laws. These created “rigged elections,” but in Republicans’ advantage, according to Huffington Post:

‘If one were to try to find vote fraud or a rigged election system, that is exactly where it is. The attempts in certain states to make even registration more difficult are shameful.’

The former attorney general said Trump’s claim of millions voting illegally in the last presidential election was simply wrong:

‘And with recent claims by Mr. Trump of “rigged elections” based on fraud ― again, without any proof, save the bluster of the candidate ― this mistaken belief in voter fraud becomes almost hard-wired.

The nation’s attention and laws should not be focused on these phantom, illegal voters.’

Holder noted a 2012 Pew report that Trump used to support his claim of widespread voter fraud. The president’s justification was that one in eight voter registrations were outdated. Holder commented:

‘This is not a result of people trying to game the system. It is an indication that the system itself is inadequate. That the system itself is at fault.’

Holder applauded Oregon for implementing an automatic voter registration at the Department of Motor Vehicles [DMV]. He encouraged other states to follow suit.

The former attorney general has been heading up a national redistricting reform effort to stop gerrymandering, which has drawn up districts to favor Republicans.

He made the remarks during the National Action Network’s annual convention in New York City on Wednesday.

Check out Donald Trump talking about “rigged elections,” during the debates:

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H/T: Huffington Post.