Reliable Source Alleges Trump Spoke With Putin About Hacking The 2016 Election


About two weeks ago, it was reported that an unnamed sourced within the intelligence community had evidence that one of Donald Trump’s aides went to Russia and offered political concessions in exchange for help winning the election.

This report came from journalist Louise Mensch. While she did not cite her source, Mensch claims it was one of her contacts in the intelligence community which she developed during her time as an MP with the British Conservative Party.

Mensch’s story remains unverified, but now a second source has come forward asserting the same thing. Claude Tayor, a former member of Bill Clinton’s White House, tweeted that a source told him Carter Page, an aide of Trump’s, was sent to Moscow to arrange a deal regarding the removal of sanctions in exchange for help in the election.

‘A well placed source is telling me-IC has tape that was delivered to Moscow by Page. Details hacking for removing sanctions. Quid Pro Quo.’

While both Tayor and Mensch’s claims are anonymous, the fact that two separated sources have collaborated the claims do lend them credence. Granted, it’s possible that Taylor is simply repacking Mensch’s previous report, but that is rather unlikely.

Assuming these claims are true, which has yet to be proven, it would mean the end of the Trump administration. Even if, for some reason, the Justice Department was too corrupt to open an investigation, the political pressure would force Congress to act.

Trump has a core of loyal supporters within the GOP, but even they wouldn’t be able to shield Congress from the backlash that would come from protecting a traitor. Honestly, we think the GOP might secretly be glad if this happened. After all, if Trump goes then they’re left with Mike Pence. Trump is a loose cannon, but Pence is much more predictable and loyal to Republican orthodox.

As of right now, these reports are unconfirmed, but, one day, the truth will come out regarding Trump’s ties to Russia.

Featured image via Getty Images.