Scared W.H. Staffers Say Their Job Is To Keep Trump From Doing ‘Crazy Things’


Despite Donald Trump’s efforts to present his administration and his first 100 days as highly successful, competent, and moving in a positive direction, their approval rating and constant reports of in-fighting and turmoil, say otherwise. Moreover, here lately, Trump’s staffers have been chomping at the bit to disclose their experiences working for him, with sources recently reporting that those closest to Trump often lie because they don’t know what he is doing.

Now, a POLITICO report claims that some of Donald Trump’s staffers feel their paramount responsibility is to be his voice of reason. Specifically, one Trump aide is quoted as saying:

‘If you’re an adviser to him, your job is to help him at the margins. To talk him out of doing crazy things.’

“Talk him out of doing crazy things?” Wow! Some would argue that whatever staffers are supposed to be doing that job are failing miserably.

POLITICO further reports that the Trump administration is said to be unable to shift to the diplomatic, strategic, and emotional states needed to effectively lead the U.S. It seems that while Trump has had moments of success in real estate, that work doesn’t require the same skills as being commander-in-chief and Trump is aware that he isn’t showing that he has or is readily able to acquire the needed skills.

Specifically, a staffer argues that Trump simply doesn’t have the capacity to make the kinds of major decisions he must make given his position:

‘Making business decisions and buying buildings don’t involve heart. This involves heart. These are heavy decisions.’

Another senior official acknowledged that things aren’t going in a positive direction, saying:

‘Everyone is concerned that things are not running that well. There should be more structure in place so we know who is working on what and who is responsible for what, instead of everyone freelancing on everything.’

Social media users had a lot to say about the notion that the leaders of the free world needs people around to keep him from doing “crazy” things. People sounded off via Twitter:

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