Scott Baio’s Wife Tweets Defense Of His Penis Size – Why Joanie Didn’t Love Chachi


Scott Baio, true to form as always, made some callous and inaccurate remarks after his Happy Days co-star, Erin Moran, passed away at the very young age of 56. His wife decided to make the whole situation even worse.

Instead of just expressing his sympathy or sharing happier memories of Moran when he learned of her passing, Baio had to comment on the fact that Moran suffered from drug and alcohol addiction earlier in her life.

‘I feel bad because her whole life, she was troubled, could never find what made her happy and content. For me, you do drugs or drink, you’re gonna die.’

As it turns out, however, Erin Moran died of cancer, an illness she had been battling for some time. Her struggles with addiction had nothing to do with her passing.

Rather than just admit that his remarks were insensitive, Baio decided that the best response to those upset by his words was to make Erin Moran’s death all about him and how victimized he’s been.

Poor Scott Baio.

Moran’s family responded to Baio’s comments with anger, and understandably so. The drug and alcohol comment was misguided and out of place, and they let their deceased family member’s former co-star know it during their time of grief.

At this point, all Baio should have done was apologize and move on. But of course, that’s not what he or his wife did. Instead, Scott Baio’s wife Renee continued the attack on the late Erin Moran and her family.

When is someone going to explain to these people that shutting up would be the best move at this point?

Featured image via Getty/Valerie Macon