The President Just Took To Twitter To Brag About Himself – This Is Sick (IMAGE)


Lou Dobbs must have a sexual harassment scandal coming up and may need a new job with the way he’s laying it on for Trump.

Dobbs, of course, slathered President Mango J. Trumpkin with praise earlier, and that pleased the orange dark lord. In an 11 p.m. tweet, Trump tweeted:

[email protected] just stated that “President Trump’s successes are unmatched in recent presidential history” Thank you Lou!’

What? What successes? Repealing and replacing Obamacare? Oh wait, that didn’t happen. Achieving funding for that glorious wall the orange man wants and promised a multitude of Americans? Oh yea, that probably won’t get put in the spending bill since Democrats won’t allow it. His executive orders on immigration bans? Oh wait, those constantly get barred by the US Ninth Circuit of Appeals. So, Dobbs, if you’re reporting factual news, what successes were you talking about kind sir?

Obviously, it’s just Fox’s idol worship of Trump. Though there have been some anchors that have held him somewhat accountable (kind of… maybe?), with minion underlords worshiping him such as Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs, and the now-gone Bill O’Reilly, Trump receives near constant praise from the media outlet. Dobbs has made other comments that stroke Trump’s ego. In one comment he said:

‘I really think the president is in a very good place. He has done more than any president in recent history – certainly in the last half-century – in the first 98 days of his presidency.’

In the same show, Hannity remarked that Trump had done a great job, but alas, no one is perfect. To this, Dobbs replied:

‘Well, he’s pretty close to perfect, Sean.’

Trump is guilty of being a noxious uncultured narcissistic lump of rotten citrus. He has consistently tweeted the compliments that Fox personalities have paid him.

For instance, he retweeted this Fox Nation tweet earlier:

‘. @TuckerCarlson : #Dems Don’t Really Believe #Trump Is a Pawn of #Russia – That’s Just Their Political Tool’

Right. That’s why he’s under so many investigations for Russian collusion.

He gave free advertising for Martha Maccallum’s 7 p.m. show in this tweet:

‘I will be interviewed by @MarthaMaccallum on @FoxNews tonight at 7 pm. Enjoy!’

Fox News personalities shouldn’t worry. As more and more of them go down for sexual harassment, they’ll obviously have a place in Trump’s White House if they keep up the praise.

Featured image by Shawn Thew – Pool/Getty Images.