Trump Gives Absolutely Ridiculous Explanation For Why He’s Not Pulling Out Of NAFTA


The news broke earlier this week that President Trump was planning an executive order to direct a total American withdrawal from NATO, only for the Trump administration to quickly retract that idea in favor of re-negotiating the trade deal. It was, in short, all a bluff.

While speaking to the Wall Street Journal on Thursday, Trump tried to give an explanation for his sudden change of heart about what the ultimate fate of the North America-defining trade deal should be.

His explanation is utterly ludicrous.

As Paul Beckett of the Wall Street Journal noted on Twitter this past Thursday: “‘I’m a nationalist and a globalist,’ President Trump told the WSJ on Thursday.”

The problem is that one can not be both of those things. Nationalism is the belief that the advancement of one’s individual nation is the most important thing, while globalism is the belief that the advancement of one’s nation should work hand in hand with the advancement of all other nations. The two are mutually exclusive. (If Trump is anything, he’s the former.)

Writing on Twitter, Maggie Haberman of the New York Times called Trump’s suggestion that he can be both a nationalist and a globalist “unbelievable,” asking how the quote had thus far been “overlooked.”

It would be one thing for Trump to say that he was a nationalist, and it would be another for him to say that he was a globalist. Each term has clearly defined parameters that could be used to divine more of where Trump is coming from, so to speak.

However, he’s claimed to be both things, which is, on a fundamental level, impossible.

Other Twitter users besides Haberman expressed similar incredulity at the utter ludicrousness of Trump’s statement.

Although it’s true that Trump clearly doesn’t know what he’s talking about when it comes to nationalism vs. globalism, the problem is that he doesn’t care.

He has long expressed the fact that he doesn’t care about whether he’s a conservative or whatever else. Adhering to an ideology is not his priority. Rather, getting people to follow him to the point of voting for him has long been and remains his only real goal.

Featured Image via Cheriss May/ NurPhoto via Getty Images.