Trump’s USDA Moves To Screw Kids Out Of Healthy School Lunch Choices


The Hill has reported that Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue is expected to unveil a new rule that will make it easier for schools to comply with the federal government’s mandates regarding nutrition.

Perdue is expected to make the announcement with Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kan.) on Monday. The two will be at Catoctin Elementary School in Leesburg, Va where they will eat lunch with the students. Somehow, we can’t imagine the students being too interested in having to spend their lunch with two politicians.

The details of the rule are currently unknown, but it will likely roll back some of the Obama-era initiatives in this regard. During her time as the first lady, Michelle Obama placed a strong emphasis on combatting obesity and promoting a healthy lifestyle for our nation’s youth.

In addition to the Let’s Move campaign, Obama also championed the cause of healthier lunches in public schools

For some reason, Republicans made a huge deal out of this issue and acted as if providing healthy lunches to our nation’s youth was the first step on the road to fascism.

Robert’s presence at the event is important because he has been one of the senators leading the charge against the Obama-era initiatives. Last year, he introduced a bill that would give schools an extra two years to meet the federal government’s guidelines regarding sodium intake.

While some within the GOP will likely by happy with this new rule, it may raise issues with some advocate organizations. For example, Nancy Brown, CEO of the American Heart Association, issued a statement where she advocated against any changes to the current rules.

‘Improving children’s health should be a top priority for the USDA, and serving more nutritious foods in schools is a clear-cut way to accomplish this goal.

Rather than altering the current path forward, we hope the agency focuses more on providing technical assistance that can help schools get across the finish line, if they haven’t done so already.’

To be honest, we wouldn’t be surprised if Republicans opposed some of these new rules solely because they came about under the Obama administration.

For more information on Obama’s work on promoting healthy lifestyles, check out the video below.

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