JUST IN: Grand Juries Near Completion – Trump-Russia Indictment Is Imminent


It is not too hard for a prosecutor to get an indictment as all they need to do is prove that there is a reasonable possibility that they have a valid case. It is reported by new inside sources that multiple indictments are coming regarding Donald Trump’s Russia fiasco and that at least one should be expected in the near future.

Washington insider Claude Taylor, who previously served in Bill Clinton’s administration says that according to an inside source, there are two grand juries in progress, with one of them nearing a decision.

The target of the indictment is still unknown but it is likely that it is a lower man on the totem pole who can be convinced to provide evidence and testimony against a more important figure in exchange for leniency. The obvious end goal of the whole investigation is to get to the big man himself, President Donald Trump, who is clearly the most important of all those involved in this scandal.

So many people within the Trump administration have been caught red handed in sketchy acts regarding Russia that is hard to even guess at who could be called forward to testify. Michael Flynn, Trump’s former National Security Adviser failed to register as a foreign agent while taking payments from intermediaries of the Russian government and the Turkish government. Paul Manafort, a former campaign manager for the president, is accused of having taken millions upon millions of dollars from a pro-Kremlin benefactor. Former campaign adviser Roger Stone has openly admitted to having contact with a Russian hacker who had stolen emails from Trump’s opposition in the election. We could keep going with this list of people who have known ties to Russia within the Trump administration, but it is a long list and bets could probably be placed that there are even more ties that have yet to come to light.

It is anyone’s guess as to who the targets will be for the two upcoming indictments, but with one of the grand juries nearing its completion, it looks as though we may find out soon.

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