Nazi Trump Adviser Sebastian Gorka May Get The White House Boot (DETAILS)


Although top Trump counter-terrorism adviser Sebastian Gorka has ties to groups that are literally connected to Nazism, that hasn’t proven acutely consequential in its own right for Gorka’s job security.

The backlash to Gorka’s Nazi connections, however, may finally be catching up to him.

The Daily Beast is reporting that administration sources have told them that Sebastian Gorka may be soon moved out of his current role in the White House and into another one somewhere else in the administration.

According to these sources, Gorka is little more than a liability, not being able to sit in on National Security council meetings and attracting hardly surprising negative press coverage due to his Nazi connections. The only reason that he still has a job is apparently because Trump himself likes him.

When looking at Gorka, that’s not exactly surprising. His brash, controversial, “My Way or the Highway” nature fits right into the mold of the kind of people that the President likes to surround himself with.

Gorka is an alleged member of the Vitezi Rend, the elite Hungarian order that was founded just in time for it to collaborate with the Nazi regime during World War II. The Vitezi Rend is on an official State Department watch list for such organizations.

Besides the initial issue of the fact that he’s a member of this organization in the first place, there is also the issue of that he apparently left the information about his membership in the organization off of his naturalization paperwork. Such information could theoretically lead to Gorka’s citizenship being revoked.

The information about his membership in this organization came to light upon officers of the Vitezi Rend speaking out to the Forward, although his connections to the organization had long been under suspicion.

For instance, Gorka showed up to one of the January 20 inaugural balls wearing a medal of the Vitezi Rend. Gorka’s defense of his sporting of the medal is that he wore it only out of respect for his father. However, with the publication of the report from the Forward, that defense obviously fell through.

With these issues in mind, the Daily Beast is reporting:

‘Two senior administration officials familiar with the situation say [the Trump team] is exploring a new role for Gorka elsewhere in the administration. Another said he has been entirely excluded from day-to-day policy-making at the National Security Council in the meantime.’

As The Daily Beast notes, Buzzfeed reported recently that Gorka didn’t have a security clearance to even sit in on most decision making meetings in the White House as recently as last month.

Gorka, in short, is dead weight in an already seriously lagging presidential administration.

The Daily Beast report gets even juicier, and it might be entertaining if it didn’t have to do with the fact that there is literally a Nazi affiliated individual in the White House:

‘One source described the situation to The Daily Beast as “a pain in the ass.” Gorka, the source said, has been “biding his sweet time,” with virtually no official substantive duties and or role in White House decision-making.’

Let’s hope for Gorka to be out of the White House as soon as possible.

Featured Image via Alex Wong/ Getty Images