Anonymous W.H. Staffer Leaks Unhinged Secret Trump Behavior To ‘POLITICO’


President Donald Trump’s desperate attempts to prove that his first 100 days in office weren’t a complete and total failure have been nothing but a headache to some of his closest aides.

On Saturday, POLITICO reported:

‘The last-minute moves have frustrated some of Trump’s allies, caused a scramble across his government and proved once again that decisions are made by one man on his whims — and often with an eye to his media coverage.’

This weeks desperate attempts by President Trump called for a vaguely written one-page tax “plan” and another attempt for a second vote for “Trumpcare.” Nobody was more surprised than chief economic adviser, Gary Cohn, when Trump made the announcement that his tax “plan” was almost finished eight days ago.

POLITICO reported:

‘Not a single word of a plan was on paper, several administration officials said, and Treasury officials worked all weekend to draft a one-page summary of his principles with a news conference the president demanding the action.’

One official, who remained unnamed, said that the president’s attempts were “all about doing something in the first 100 days and really it’s doing the process backwards.”

Congress, along with House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI.), had no idea that Trump would call for a second healthcare reform vote. When the news broke, Ryan was in Europe traveling and neither him nor key Congressional Committee leaders had a clue what was happening.

A senior GOP aide told POLITICO:

‘It was totally insane. It made no sense. There was no reason to say a vote was happening this week.’

According to sources in Congress, White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus was hastily trying to get votes to “repeal and replace” ObamaCare earlier this week, but after the administration suggested that the voting be held on a Saturday, which is a day members of the House usually have off, they hesitated.

It’s likely that White House officials are relieved that President Trump’s last-minute attempts to gain brownie points for his first 100 days in office are finally over.

Or, as one White House official said:

‘I can’t wait for the 100-day sh*t to be over.’

Check out Trump’s first 100 days of presidency in the video below, via YouTube:

Featured image courtesy of Getty Images.