CNN Segment Descends Into Total Chaos After Panel Calls Trump ‘Little Baby’


While appearing on CNN, Trump supporter Paris Dennard attacked Paul Begala for calling Trump a “moral midget.”

Begala’s comments were made in response to Trump’s rally in Pennsylvania, during which the president catered heavily to his base without reaching out to the rest of the country.

‘He’s a needy little baby. We’re going to wait one thousand three hundred and sixty-one days and he’s still going to be the moral midget that you saw on that stand tonight.’

It was at that point Dennard jumped to defend Trump, calling Begala’s comments unhelpful.

‘That kind of rhetoric, constantly beating at the drum, every single day, 24/7, that is not helping America. And when Paul, listen — I did not like 98 to 99 percent of what President Obama did, but I would never call him Obama and I would never call him a moral midget or a needy child even if I thought the two things about him were true.

You sit here and attack the president with these horrible things saying about him personally, and say, ‘Well, Mr. President or Trump,’ you are doing the same thing. You have to some kind of honesty about-‘

At this point, Begala jumped back into the fray.

‘That is honesty. And you’re wrong, my friend. You respect the office and not the man. I respect the office, if he enters the room, I stand. If he signs a law, I obey. He is my president. But he is letting me down and a vast majority of Americans.’

Despite Dennard’s anger, Begala isn’t the only person to take issue with Trump’s speech. CNN’s David Gergen, who served as an advisor to Ronald Regan, called Trump’s recent rally “very disturbing” and the “most divisive” speech he’s ever seen from a sitting president. He went on to say that Trump has shown no interest in unifying the country or listening to the concerns of those who did not vote for him.

‘He treated his other listeners — the rest of the people who have been disturbed about him or oppose him — he treated them basically as, ‘I don’t care, I don’t give a damn what you think because you’re, frankly, the enemy.’

Governing is not the same as campaigning, but Trump seems intent on conducting his term as one massive campaign rally.

Watch the panelists comments in the clip below, via YouTube:

Featured image via screengrab from the video.