‘Dark Skinned’ Man Viciously Assaulted & Harassed During Trump Rally; Police Respond


At this point, it’s not exactly surprising to hear that Donald Trump’s supporters got violent at one of his rallies.

The supporters took things further than usual, though, when they harassed a man who attended the rally just because he was curious about what the President had to say.

Neil Makhija attended the rally that Trump held in Pennsylvania on his 100th day in office because he wanted to see if Trump had anything to say about “the opioid issue.”

Makhija told AOL.com:

‘I’m not a protester, I actually pay attention and wanted to see the president when he came back.’

‘I wanted to see if he actually said something about the opioid issue — he hasn’t said anything at all.’

During the rally, Makhija was “shoved up against the wall” by a group of Trump supporters wearing “Bikers for Trump” shirts. The “disturbing moment” took place after a man standing next to Makhija was removed from the arena for holding up a sign that read “The sea levels are rising.”

After the man standing next to him was removed, Makhija explained that a supporter said he should be taken out as well.

‘Then a supporter just pointed at me and said, “Hey, take that guy too,” and they went after me.’

Law enforcement intervened after the group of supporters started harassing Makhija. He was initially escorted from the arena, but was allowed back in shortly after.

AOL.com also spoke to one of the men who was involved in the altercation. The man didn’t reveal his name; he only said that he and his fellow “Bikers for Trump” try to “help out” when they see issues arise.

The man also directed reporters to talk to Makhija instead.

In addition to Makhija, who merely came to observe, several protesters were removed from the event, as can be seen in the YouTube video below. Footage of Makhija being harassed by Trump’s supporters begins around 0:28.

Featured image is a screenshot from the video.