Eric Trump Tweets Idiotic Weekend Statement & The Internet Is Responding In Force


People simply aren’t feeling Donald Trump’s and his family’s personal business holdings having such blurred lines with his role as so-called leader of the United States. To that end, one could reasonably assume that Trump’s advisers would demand that team Trump cease all allusions to all of Trump’s personal companies. That is not happening.

Despite the lawsuits, cries for more transparency,  and demands that Trump do more in terms of relinquishing his businesses, etc., Trump and those closest to him keep right on behaving as if there are no conflicts of interest. That behavior got Eric Trump torn to shreds on Twitter.

Although his father’s constant golfing is a major source of contention, Eric thought it would be a good idea to tweet about the upcoming Senior PGA Championship being held at Trump National Golf Course – Washington, D.C. He bragged and advertised:

The responses serve as brutal reminders that a lot of people are fed-up with the Trumps:

This isn’t the first time Eric Trump has engaged in Twitter tragedy. In December he posted this asinine message about the Clinton/Stein Wisconsin vote recount:

Twitter pounced on him for speaking from a place a high privilege about something he clearly knows nothing about:

It’s probably safe to say that everyone connected to Donald Trump needs to stay off social media.

Featured Image via Getty/Michael Tran/Contributor