John McCain Goes On ‘CNN Sunday’ & Makes Fiery Trump Tax Return Announcement


During Sunday morning’s episode of CNN’s State of the Union, host Jake Tapper asked Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) about his thoughts on President Trump’s tax returns. The President has vehemently refused to release the returns, even after rolling out a tax plan that provides huge breaks for corporations and wealthy Americans.

After calling the President’s tax plan “a boon to the wealthiest Americans,” Tapper quoted House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who recently said that Trump’s tax plan “would have cut his taxes by $30 million in 2005,” which is the only year for which returns have been shared.

Tapper then asked McCain if he also believed that Trump should release his returns:

‘Given that President Trump is proposing changes that could benefit him personally by tens of millions if not hundreds of millions of dollars. Do you think that the American people have a right to see his tax returns so that they can know how this plan would affect his bottom line?’

McCain’s response was simple and to the point:

‘I think I’ve said all along I thought every candidate for president should disclose their tax returns.’

‘I haven’t changed.’

McCain has opposed tax plans from Republican presidents before when he’s felt they skew things unfairly towards the wealthy. During George W. Bush’s presidency, he told the Wall Street Journal that he thought Bush’s tax cuts were “too tilted to the wealthy.”

McCain didn’t specify whether or not he would oppose Trump’s tax plan, saying that he needs to “see the whole plan.”

‘This is the opening bid and, obviously, we haven’t even seriously put together anything in the United States Senate…I do believe that the first step should be to reduce the corporate tax rate…I wonder if maybe we could take it step by step, but I’d have to see the whole plan.’

In addition to his comments on cutting the corporate tax rate, McCain also said that the President’s tax plan should focus on cutting taxes for “middle income America.”

‘Reducing taxes [is] fine. Let’s try to do that for middle income America.’

Watch the full interview between McCain and Tapper in the video below, available via YouTube. The discussion about taxes begins around 5:58.

Featured image is a screenshot from the video.