Trump Goes Full Crazy On ‘CBS Sunday’ & Gets Instantly Humiliated (VIDEO)


Donald Trump is the quintessential bully. When stood up to, he cowers and plays victim, when questioned, he goes on the attack. However, rarely has Trump had the guts to go on the attack with a member of the press while in close proximity. Until Sunday.

While being interviewed on Face the Nation, Trump stared John Dickerson down and in essence, tried to punk him on camera. He said:

‘You know it’s very funny when the fake media goes out — we call the mainstream media — sometimes, I must say, that is you.’

In an effort to gain clarity around exactly what Trump meant, Dickerson asked if Trump was talking about him personally. Trump told him that at times, he is speaking of Dickerson, then Trump went on to insult:

‘I love your show — I call it Deface the Nation. But, you know, your show is sometimes not exactly correct.’

The consummate professional, Dickerson showed the utmost restraint where someone else may have been compelled to rip Trump to shreds. Dickerson took the high road and pushed beyond Trump’s brazen ignorance. He allowed Trump to continue speaking, and even listened as Trump lied about what he has supposedly done regarding relations with China. Dickerson’s questions remained specific and to the point.

It’s a shame that Trump continues to bully people as he does. However, he should remain mindful that every bully has their day.

Watch John Dickerson display the patience, restraint, class, and tact of Job from the Bible, below:

Featured Image via Getty Images.