Trump’s ‘Secret’ Sunday Activities Leaked By CNBC; It’s Worse Than You Think (DETAILS)


On Saturday, while thousands gathered to protest his dangerous environmental policies, President Trump celebrated his 100th day in office.

On Sunday, he fled for the comfort of one of his golf clubs.

CNBC reporter Steve Kopack revealed in a tweet on Sunday morning that President Trump had just arrived at his Trump National Golf Club in Virginia. Kopack also pointed out that this is Trump’s 19th trip to a golf course in his 14 weeks as president.

CNN’s Ryan Nobles also tweeted about the President’s arrival and revealed that this is the 13th weekend in a row that Trump has spent at a property he owns.

After he got raked over the coals earlier this week for complaining about how hard his job is, you’d think Trump would want to stick around to try and prove that he can handle being president. Nope, it seems he’s taking former Mexican President Vicente’s Fox’s advice and is going “back to golfing.”

Featured image via Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images.