Ann Coulter Humiliated On ‘The View’ This Morning – Whoopi Went Hard (VIDEOS)


You have to give it to conservative mouthpiece Ann Coulter for going on a show like The View. However, she really ought to watch what her appearances look like afterwards because they make her look foolish especially when the ladies on The View troll her the entire time.

The audience members of The View and the ladies at the table had a hilarious time booing and laughing at Coulter, who was using the opportunity to talk about her latest experience with UC Berkley. Joy Behar managed, however, to change the subject and express why she believed President Donald Trump constantly berates liberal media outlets and labels them fake news. She explained:

‘I have a theory that the reason he wants his supporters to hate the media is because as soon as this Russian investigation is really fully vetted, we will find out he possibly committed crimes, and he doesn’t want his supporters to believe the media when he’s going to be put in handcuffs. That’s what I think. What do you think?’

Members in the audience erupted into applause. Coulter tried to rationalize Trump’s attacks on the media and said he was only attacking the fake media.

‘The Russia thing is insane. But backing up, attacking the media, he’s isn’t attacking the media. He’s attacking the fake media. There are so many lies about him.’

Behar then asked, “Like CNN?” Sunny Hostin joined in saying, “He attacks CNN. He attacks the New York Times. He attacks all the media.”

Coulter’s response:

‘Right, all the fake news. He’s very accessible.’

Whoopi Goldberg then joined in and didn’t let Coulter slide whatsoever. She said:

‘Are you talking about all news or just fake news in general? Because he has lied quite a bit honey.’

Coulter then tried to say Trump doesn’t lie. The look on her face, however, screamed she couldn’t even believe the garbage she was spewing and that she was crawfishing her way out of a mud hole. Goldberg yelled at her like a mom would yell at their child, who just got caught lying, “ANN COULTER! He does lie.”

Rather than making her way out of the mud hole she had dug herself in, Coulter then dug it deeper trying to say Trump wasn’t a liar. He was just a “BS-er.” Goldberg didn’t miss a beat and responded:

‘What do you think BS is baby?’

Coulter took the bait and then tried to explain the difference between lying and “BSing.” Bless her heart.

‘When he says, “Everyone’s rated this golf course as the greatest golf course in the world,” the audience doesn’t believe it. He doesn’t believe it. He knows they don’t believe it, but everyone feels nice. That’s what he does, but he doesn’t lie.’

Coulter then used the classic Republican tactic of deflecting and calling Hillary Clinton a liar. However, Goldberg wasn’t having it and told her to keep the focus on the man in office.

Behar then asked Coulter about Trump’s accusations he consistently made that former President Barack Obama was born outside the United States. She asked if that was lying. Coulter wouldn’t even go there.

‘I am not counting anything until he announced for president.’

It was such an unbelievable response that an audience member exclaimed, “What?!”

Coulter then tried saying that Trump is less crazy now than he was before running for president saying, “He was a little nutty before he ran for president.’ Behar nailed it, however, saying, “Oh, he’s the poster child for sanity now.”

You can watch the entire segment below.

Featured image screenshot from video.