Trump Caught Sabotaging Jimmy Carter’s Award Ceremony Out Of Spite


President Trump’s ego has reared its ugly head yet again. Apparently, Trump is so fragile that he can’t stand to see a Democratic president receive an award.

In a statement that was published on Friday, the Buenos Aires Herald revealed that the administration of Argentina’s President, Mauricio Macri, had decided not to award President Jimmy Carter the Order of the Liberator General San Martín — the “maximum distinction that the country can give to a foreign personality.”

Although the foreign ministry had already approved the tribute, Macri’s ultimately decided to rescind it “under pressure from US President Donald Trump’s administration.”

An anonymous foreign ministry official told CNN that the foreign ministry originally requested that Macri give Carter the word despite Trump’s protests. However, it was eventually decided that Carter should not be the recipient in order to “avoid conflicts.”

‘The decision not to give Carter an official award was to “avoid conflicts” and so they can speak about issues of mutual interest shared between Trump’s and Macri’s administration.’

According to the newspaper’s statement, Carter was supposed to be given the Order of the Liberator General San Martín “for his work in promoting human rights during Argentina’s last military dictatorship.”

It was the former Argentine ambassador to the United States, Martín Lousteau, who proposed that Carter receive the award.

The Council that reviews potential recipients praised Carter specifically for condemning the human rights violations that were carried out by the country’s last military dictatorship. In the newspaper’s statement, he is described as being “instrumental in getting the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights to visit the country in 1979.”

Carter was also recognized for his creating an Under-Secretary in charge of Human Rights at the State Department and creating the Carter Center in 1982, “in which the former president continued to involve himself in the defence of human rights and democracies throughout Latin America.”

Carter is clearly a qualified candidate for the award, which has left many people wondering what Trump said that caused Macri’s administration to change their minds. The timing of the change in award recipients is also questionable, as the announcement came just one day after President Macri met with President Trump at the White House.

While it’s still unclear exactly why Trump did not want Carter to receive the award, plenty of Twitter users have suggested that jealousy has played a part.

The Jimmy Carter library also trolled Trump on Twitter recently by comparing the two presidents’ first 100 days in office. Perhaps that tweet had something to do with Trump’s decision.

Featured image via Neil Hall-WPA Pool/Getty Images.