Trump Lover Whines About Yard Signs – 7th Grader Issues Savage Troll In Local Paper


We all joke that the intelligence of Trump supporters and Tea Party members is lower than grade-school level. Technically, it’s not entirely true. There are some intelligent people who, for whatever reason, supported and still support Donald Trump and the Tea Party.

However, one seventh grader was able to troll one proud Tea Party member in his local newspaper editorial section and prove that this man was not blessed with the beauty of logic.

Apparently, John Natale wrote an editorial criticizing signs that were being placed in yards throughout his community that said “Hate has no home here.” Natale is no stranger to his local newspaper, The Winchester Star, and apparently wrote a lovely semi-bio of himself that explained why he was a Tea Party member for over 50 years. In fact, back in 2011, he wrote:

‘We will see who takes America back in November 2012.’

Joke was on him though. Obama won, AGAIN.

Regardless, Natale wrote his most recent piece posing several questions and complaints about those behind the signs that advocate against hate. Luke Macannuco, a local seventh grader, felt inspired to answer. First, he explained why Natale’s criticism of the “Hate Has No Home Here” signs was wrong. Luke wrote:

‘I read, with great interest, Mr. John Natale’s colossal misunderstanding of the “Hate Has No Home Here” signs. Natale’s first mistake was claiming the signs read, “Hate has no place in this home.” Mr. Natale is incorrectly assuming that the owners of the sign are finding it necessary to state that there is no hate in their home… Those people who have chosen to place a “Hate Has No Home Here” sign on their lawn are standing behind their belief that the country should be free of hate.’

One of the questions Mr. Natale asked was who the signs were referring to – who were the haters. Luke answered it beautifully:

‘Answer: Bigots who are trying to take away protections for transgender students, deport refugees and build a very expensive wall to keep illegal immigrants out (which is completely pointless and not helping your cause, but I digress).’

The second question Natale asked went along with his first. He asked who was the group of those having hate directed at them – who were the victims. Luke trolled:

‘Perfectly innocent human beings who happen to be different from the haters.’

The third question asked for evidence showing a significant amount of hate in their community. Luke provided that evidence.

‘Me getting called homosexual slurs by students and adults alike.’

Somewhere within Natale’s editorial he went off the rails and wrote:

‘Obviously, you are so morally superior that you may declare everyone who disagrees with you a hater… Where, when, and how did you become the Lord High Decider of Morality?’

Luke’s response:

‘Never. We just put a lawn sign down. Calm down, dude.’

Luke’s wrap up, however, was the best part of the editorial. The seventh grader, who obviously is a total “snowflake” pointed out the greatest hypocrisy of all.

‘Finally, if you are going to say signs exhibit “snowflake sensitivity,” take a moment to think about how you are writing an angry letter to a newspaper about a lawn sign.


The kid’s response has since went viral, and Twitter users are loving it.

‘Adult: I’m upset by “snowflakes” who post lawn signs against hate.


‘This is GREAT. Thanks for sharing. We need more smart, thoughtful, and well-spoken young people like this.’

‘Oh my God this letter! I love this kid.’

‘Holy sh*t Epic take-down, but done with class & subtlety that escapes most adults these days.’

‘Someone just made debate team and was promoted to captain. Damn.’

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