Chuck Schumer Defeats Trump Using Anti-Obama Tactics – W.H. On Tantrum Watch


Senate Democrats had a huge victory on Monday when they denied nearly every aspect of President Trump’s $1 trillion spending bill.

Practically the only thing Trump ended up with was more money for the Pentagon. He was not granted any money for his border wall and, according to The Washington Times, he “was forced to agree to make ‘unauthorized’ Obamacare payments.”

Naturally, Democrats were pleased with the way things worked out.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) told The Washington Times:

‘Overwhelmingly, we were very pleased with the outcome — issue after issue. I would not say there’s a major loss in here.’

Schumer and other Senate Democrats made it clear after Trump first rolled out his budget proposal that they were willing to force a government shutdown if congressional Republicans attempted to pass some of the more troubling aspects of the president’s spending bill, including funding for the wall.

Schumer posted several tweets about the spending bill on Monday, calling it a “big win for Democrats, the economy & Upstate New Yorkers.”

He also told reporters at the Capitol on Monday that he believes it was Democrats’ willingness to force a government shutdown that helped them accomplish as much as they did.

‘We made it clear that if the government shut down it would be on the Republicans’ backs. That became the general consensus and that gave us real leverage even though we were in the minority to get things done.’

It wasn’t too long ago that congressional Republicans forced a government shutdown in response to the Affordable Care Act. However, they seemed to have forgotten that when they complained about Schumer and other Democrats’ obstruction.

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) told The Hill about Schumer, who also led a filibuster in March to try and block the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch:

‘If slowing things and pitching a fit is successful, he was very successful.’

Hatch added that Democrats are hell bent on “destroying” Trump’s presidency, despite the fact that the same could be said about Republicans during Obama’s two terms as president.

‘They dislike Trump so much that they literally did everything to try and destroy his presidency right off the bat.’

Republicans are certainly not happy with getting a taste of their own medicine. However, the solution to this issue, according to Schumer, is for them to be willing to work with Democrats.

About the spending bill, Schumer said on Monday:

‘I hope this is a metaphor for the future. When Republicans work with us, we can get things done.’

He also said that if Republicans are not willing to work with Democrats, “they’re not going to be able to accomplish anything.”

‘If on healthcare or if it occurs on the tax bill, they just try to do things on their own, they’re not going to be able to accomplish anything.’

Featured image via Mark Wilson/Getty Images.