Megyn Kelly Announces Career Move Involving Russian President Vladimir Putin


Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly will be traveling to Russia to host an event featuring none other than Russian President Vladimir Putin himself.

The Page Six report on this stunning news states:

‘Sources say, Kelly, who officially started at NBC on Monday, will moderate the session interviewing Putin as part of the Russian premier’s annual St. Petersburg International Economic Forum that takes place June 1-3.’

An “insider” told Page Six that this interview “is a great way for Megyn to get an inside track and land the big one on one interview with President Putin.”

Although Kelly officially started at NBC this week, she’s not on the air yet. When she does get back on the air following her departure from the floundering Fox News network, she will have a Sunday night “news magazine” show and an early morning “inspirational talk show,” which will start in the fall, according to Page Six.

Kelly left Fox News amidst of the allegations of sexual harassment on the part of former Fox News chief, Roger Ailes. Kelly herself is one of those who has come out with details about obscene behavior that Ailes allegedly perpetrated against her.

Since Kelly left the network and Ailes was fired, at least two other big names also got booted, with cable news icon Bill O’Reilly being revealed to face accusations similar to those facing Ailes, and now former Fox co-President Bill Shine being accused of being complicit in the whole thing. Shine is the most recent one to lose his job.

Kelly made a name for herself, enabling her easy transition to NBC, through her cutting edge reporting that marked Fox’s coverage of the 2016 presidential election. She even managed to come into direct conflict with Donald Trump at one point, with the then-presidential candidate declaring after a debate in which he’d gotten heated with Kelly that she “looked like she had blood coming out of her wherever.”

Getting into such a personal conflict with the guy who is now the president is pretty much a sure sign that you’re doing something right these days.

Featured Image via JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images.