Trump Has Late-Night Twitter Tantrum And The Internet Ate Him Alive (TWEETS)


Donald Trump had Hillary Clinton and the looming investigation into the Trump campaign and transition teams’ ties to the Russian government on his mind late Tuesday evening. So he did what any absolutely insane president would do and took to Twitter to get social media revenge against his political enemies.

Trump’s former presidential campaign rival, Hillary Clinton, stated that while she took responsibility for the failure of her campaign, she also blamed FBI Director James Comey for publicly releasing a second (and ultimately pointless) investigation into her use of a private email server during her tenure as secretary of state as well as Wikileaks for their infamous (and questionable) release of the DNC emails.

Trump responded with a Twitter tantrum.

Twitter, it seems, was not having it. Responding to Trump’s tweets, the internet called him out for his hypocrisy, his obvious fear of the impending scandal of the Trump/Russia investigation, and his obsession with Hillary Clinton.

What’s clear from Trump’s tweets is that he just cannot let the 2016 election go, even though he won the electoral college vote and now sits in the White House. The fact that he didn’t win the popular vote obviously bothers him, as he even tries to slyly suggest now that he did.

As for the “Trump/Russia story,” as the president so charmingly referred to in third person, the original intelligence did not come from Democrats, it came from intelligence agencies in Great Britain as well as other countries within the Five Eyes community which also includes the US, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. British spies shared intel with Germany, Estonia and Poland, who also investigated.

The Democrats don’t live in those countries.

For more on the Trump/Russia connection, see video below:

Featured image via Getty/Mark Wilson