FBI Director Comey Reveals Russians Will Hack 2018 And 2020 Elections (VIDEO)


If you thought the FBI and our government would have the problem of Russians trying to influence our elections fixed and we’d be fine for the 2018 and 2020 elections, you were sadly mistaken.

FBI Director James Comey testified Wednesday at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, on a multitude of different subjects. One subject he was asked about was the possibility of Russia meddling again in our future elections. Comey was asked:

‘When we talk about things like cyber investigations right now, so often on cable TV it becomes a shirts and skins exercise. So, without asking you to comment on anything that’s retrospective about 2016, do you think it’s likely that in 2018 and beyond, you’re going to see more targeting of U.S. public discourse and elections?’

Comey gave a chilling answer.

‘I do. I think one of the lessons that the Russians may have drawn from this is that this works. So, as I said a month or so ago, I expect to see them back in 2018 and especially in 2020.’

The prospects and implications of Russians continuing to influence our elections are terrifying. It’s especially terrifying when you realize that they will be trying to ensure America has another four years of President Donald J. Trump. Not to mention the fact that 2018 elections are around the corner and that will have a great effect on our legislative branch. If anything, Russians attempting to influence 2018 elections has a possibly greater impact on America as the people being elected are the ones creating and repealing the laws. They are also the ones who consistently remain in gridlock.

To ensure Trump won’t have a 2020 victory, Democrats must come together to nominate a strong candidate that everyone can and will back. Yes, the Russians will most likely meddle and attempt to sway the election. Therefore, we must work hard as well as advocate for strong cyber security measures. We have to get away from the political dynasties and become more in touch with what the American people want.

You can watch Comey’s comments below:

Featured Image via Eric Thayer/Getty Images.