Maddow Airs Hilarious Failed Conference Call With Trump’s Budget Director (VIDEO)


The Congress recently passed a government appropriations bill, narrowly avoiding a government shutdown.

The bill didn’t include provisions for many of the key policy proposals of the Trump administration, including the border wall. In addition to that, funding was kept in place for such programs as Planned Parenthood and Obamacare.

Well, with these things in mind, the Republican base, along with many Republicans in national leadership, got themselves into a huff over the failure of Paul Ryan and others to deliver on Trump’s promises to America.

Trump’s budget chief, Mick Mulvaney, has been going around trying to alter the narrative on the budget bill and paint it as a win for the Trump White House. (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has been doing the same thing.)

Mulvaney recently held a nationwide conference call with reporters to address questions about the budget bill, but that call quickly went haywire.

In hilarious fashion, Mulvaney’s voice eventually became unintelligible beneath the noise of classical music and a woman giggling on the call.

Adding to the morbid hilarity found in the call’s recording is a female reporter shouting at one point, after Mulvaney was completely silent beneath the classical music, “This is unbelievable!”

Check out the wild call below, featured in a clip from The Rachel Maddow Show. The classical music eventually changed to jazz.

Featured Image via Mark Wilson/Getty Images.