Melania Responds To Whirlwind After Favoriting Tweet About Hating Her Husband


Twitter had a field day on Tuesday evening when first lady Melania Trump “accidentally” favorited a tweet that was making fun of her relationship with her husband.

The tweet, which was posted by writer and pundit Andy Ostroy, featured a GIF of Melania smiling at her husband and then immediately frowning as soon as he turned away from her. Ostroy included the following caption with the tweet:

‘Seems the only #Wall @realDonaldTrump’s built is the one between him and @FLOTUS.’

This was only the second tweet that the first lady had ever favorited.

In response to the number of comments and jokes being made about her liking the tweet, Mrs. Trump — or someone else — removed the like a few hours later. However, no statement was made about why she had favorited Ostroy’s tweet in the first place.

On Wednesday, Trump’s communications director, Stephanie Grisham, told PEOPLE that the first lady’s Twitter account was hacked and the first lady was completely unaware of it.

‘The First Lady wasn’t aware of any of this until I brought it to her attention. It isn’t her primary account and we have since changed the passwords.’

It is possible that Mrs. Trump really was hacked. She does have two Twitter accounts — her personal account, @MELANIATRUMP, which she created in January 2010, and @FLOTUS, which she and her staff have been using since her husband’s inauguration. However, it does seem a bit strange that whoever hacked her account liked Ostroy’s tweet and then felt compelled to remove that like just a few hours after.

If her communications director is telling the truth, Melania would not be the first person close to the President to have been hacked.

In March, an employee hacked the account of Elaine Cho, the head of the Department of Transportation, and posted a tweet calling for Maxine Waters to “sue [Trump’s] very soul.”

The official story seems to be that the first lady was hacked. Twitter users aren’t taking that message very well, though.

Plenty of people think, with good reason, Melania’s communications director is just trying to cover for her.

Featured image via NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images.