BREAKING: House Votes Counted – TrumpCare Results Are In (DETAILS)


Even as a private citizen with no stated political ambitions, Donald Trump has taken aim at President Obama and the Affordable Care Act:

However, under the Trump and Ryan supported health care plan, millions of Americans will ultimately lose health care and it appears that insurance providers and everyone but those who need it most, will benefit from the plan. Regardless, the Trump administration is moving full speed ahead with their plan to get rid of the Affordable Care Act. They’re moving so hard and so fast that at times it seems that undoing something President Obama did, not helping Americans, is the priority.

After the legislation failed in March, Trump and Ryan vowed to pursue their plan even more ferociously. Thursday, House Republicans who wish to advance Trump’s revised legislation came together to see if the legislation had the 216 votes it needs to pass. It passed.

Nancy Pelosi argued that Trump’s health plan will cause “higher costs and less care.” She added that it’s a “tax bill, not a health care bill; it’s a billionaires’ tax cut bill, disguised as health care.” Today, “higher costs and less care,” won. In a 217-212 vote, Republicans had the support needed to move Trump’s health care plan to the Senate.

If only one Republican had the courage to say, “No,” then “higher costs and less care,” would’ve lost. That courage was void on Thursday.

The full House debate may be viewed below: