Dem Group Raises Half A Million Dollars To Challenge Pro-Trumpcare Reps (DETAILS)


Upset over what the Republicans have done regarding National healthcare? Well, there is some good news to all of this.

The Republicans got an Obamacare repeal bill passed in the House of Representatives on Thursday. The bill is every bit as atrocious as repealing that which has provided tens of millions of people with healthcare sounds like it would be.

Should “Trumpcare,” as it has been dubbed, pass the Senate and then be signed by the President, over ten million people will lose their health coverage in the first year alone in the name of “cutting costs” for the insurance industry.

Bills obviously don’t pass without votes, and although apparently not one Democrat voted for the American Health Care Act, a number of Republicans did who represent districts that the “Swing Left” grassroots group finds to be easily “swing-able” come 2018.

In less than half a day, Swing Left has, according to posts on its social media profiles, raised a whopping half a million dollars to put towards the campaigns of Democrats challenging pro-Trumpcare Republicans come 2018.

Swing Left’s “About” section on its website reads: “Swing Left helps you find and commit to supporting progressives in your closest Swing District so that you can help ensure we take back the House in 2018.”

The organization has dozens of swing districts across the country cataloged, with resources available to anyone who wants to involve themselves in the fight to get Republicans out of the House of Representatives. Resources are available to anyone and everyone, whether they live in a swing district or not.

Swing Left’s website identifies its leadership as “Ethan Todras-Whitehill, a writer and teacher, Joshua Krafchin, a marketer and entrepreneur, and Miriam Stone, a brand strategist.”

The organization has attracted support from figures as well known as Hillary Clinton, who retweeted one of Swing Left’s calls for donations, adding a comment of her own.

She said: “A shameful failure of policy & morality by GOP today. Fight back on behalf of the millions of families that will be hurt by their actions.”

The organization’s most recent Twitter message reads, “Because of you we’ve raised half a million dollars in 24 hrs to unseat Republicans in 2018. You all are incredible.”

Featured Image via Win McNamee/Getty Images