GOP Congressman Humiliated After Being Exposed For Not Reading Obamacare Repeal


Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Paul Ryan (R-WI) are often the first to come to mind when thinking about Republican lawmakers for whom you have feelings of supreme aversion. You now need to add one more to your list, Chris Collins (R-NY).

As Donald Trump and his hateful GOP supporters gloat about the the passing of their health care bill, millions of Americans are bracing themselves for what is sure to be a dismal time in U.S. history. As people reflect on how things have gotten to this somber place, finding out who voted in support of Trump’s legislation and why, feels like something that must happen. This is where Chris Collins comes in.

On Thursday, Collins became one of 216 members of Congress who voted for Trump’s bill. Sadly, Collins is now the only one who admits to having voted for the legislation without having read it in its entirety. Yes, one of the most important bills in recent history and Collins failed to read it all. Even more disgraceful, he admitted his lazy indifference, publicly.

Collins told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer:

‘I will fully admit, Wolf, I did not, but I can also assure you my staff did.’

Perhaps even more disgraceful than Collins proudly admitting that he didn’t read the bill is stating that he relegated such a crucial task to his staff. The message that Collins sends to constituents in his district, as well as Americans across the country is that they’re not even worth his time.

Sad day in America, with more like it soon to come if Washington lawmakers don’t find some morals, values, ethics, and courage.

Featured Image screengrab via YouTube.