New Reports Indicate 28 People Are Being Targeted In Trump Investigation (DETAILS)


Recently it was reported that two grand juries had been convened regarding Donald Trump’s alleged ties to Russia. One, the smaller of the two cases, involved RICO charges whereas the larger was based on the Foreign Agents Registration Act.


News of those grand juries was broken by longtime Washington insider Claude Taylor. Well now, Taylor has sent out a tweet that says the number of people being targeted for indictment is much larger than previously expected.

In fact, Taylor reports that at least 28 people are being targeted as a result of the ongoing investigations into Trump’s ties to Russia.

Obviously, this number is a bit higher than was expected. In terms of Trump’s ties to Russia, most speculation has centered around four or five of his closest advisers who have been widely reported as being under investigation.

Reports of at least 28 people being under investigation really changes things. RICO cases usually involve money laundering or other aspects of organized crime which could tie into Trump’s various business partners. There has long been rumors that Trump has ties to organized crime elements within New York.

The FARA case is supposed to be larger of the two cases. Mike Fynn is possibly a target considering he has been accused of taking money from foreign governments without receiving permission, but, beyond that, it’s hard to say.

Taylor’s tweet did recommend that we watch Keith Olberman’s show tomorrow so that might give us some answers.

Featured image via Getty Images.