*Rachel Maddow Puts Congressman On Blast For Lying To His Constituents (VIDEO)


She went to school with his children, his wife was her school nurse, she now has a brain tumor and other serious medical issues that truly make Trump’s so-called health care bill, a death sentence. She is one of one of the millions of people let down by Republican lawmakers on Thursday. She is one of John Faso’s (R-NY) constituents, and he lied to her face about how he’d vote on the bill.

Her name is Andrea Mitchell, and her story will be that of thousands of Americans if the Senate doesn’t stop the GOP-sponsored so-called health care legislation. What sets this young lady apart is that she knows John Faso.

Unlike the citizens that some politicians like Faso likely consider nameless and faceless, this woman worked, played, and learned with Faso’s children. In a video of the two interacting, prior to giving an emotional plea, the lady lets Faso know who she is and asks whether he is putting on a show for the cameras or sincere, he confirmed that he knew who she was. The two then hugged.

Faso listens to her heartbreaking story; he tells her he won’t vote for Trump’s health care bill, but on Thursday, he became one of the 216 Republican congressional representatives to support Trump’s efforts to take away the Affordable Care Act for seemingly no other reason than because President Obama created it.

The story of Faso’s New York constituent came to light on Thursday’s edition of Rachel Maddow’s show. Doing her part for the resistance against Trump, Maddow interviewed two people who were gutsy enough to directly address their GOP Congressmen and ask that they not support the very bill that passed today.

While both individuals interviewed by Maddow were ultimately let down by their Republican Congressmen, Mitchell’s story is unique because Faso appeared to be sincere in his commitment not to support Trump’s bill. Faso reminded her that looks can be deceiving.

According to Mitchell, she believed he would be a man of his word. She said:

‘I really. . .going into the first vote, to repeal and replace, I really thought and hoped that he would not vote to repeal the ACA based on that promise. A lot of my friends and fellow constituents thought that was very naive of me, that he would vote the party lines. I honestly believed that I had talked to him, and I honestly believed his promise. Which may be naive, but I like to believe the best in people.’

When asked how she feels now that the vote is over and Faso has proven himself to be a liar, Mitchell said that she is “crushed.” She isn’t alone.

Watch gutless John Faso lie to his sick constituent’s face, below:

Featured Image screengrab via YouTube.