Republicans Celebrate TrumpCare Passing House With ‘Cases Upon Cases Of Beer’


On Thursday morning, House Republicans voted to pass an amended version of the American Health Care Act.

Following the passing of the bill — which still must make its way through the Senate before it can become law — House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi expressed her disgust for her Republican colleagues when she said:

‘They have this vote tattooed on them. This is a scar that they’ll carry. Whatever happens in the vote, the members of the House Republican caucus will be forever identified with the worst aspects of the bill they passed.’

‘Most people don’t even know who their congressperson is in many places. Now they’ll find out. They’ll find out that their congressperson voted to take away their healthcare.’

In addition to forever being associated with a bill that has the potential to render millions of Americans without health insurance, House Republicans are also surely going to be remembered for the way in which they celebrated the first step in passing the AHCA: with what Vice News’s Alexandra Jaffe described as “cases upon cases of beer.”

Following the passing of the bill, Jaffe witnessed these cases — covered in a sheet — being rolled into the Capitol. She immediately tweeted about what she saw:

‘Cases upon cases of beer just rolled into the Capitol on a cart covered in a sheet. Spotted Bud Light peeking out from the sheet.’

Plenty of Jaffe’s followers have commented on her tweet and made it clear that they are less-than impressed with the way Republicans are celebrating.

Others commented on the fact that this isn’t the first time beer has been associated with the American Health Care Act.

In early March, while he was speaking at the National Review Institute Ideas Summit, House Speaker Paul Ryan said that he had been dreaming of passing a health care bill like the AHCA since he had been “drinking out of a keg.”

Speaker Ryan is close to getting the thing he’s apparently been wanting since his college days. However, the American people — justifiably — are not impressed with his and his colleagues’ method of celebration.

Featured image via Eric Thayer/Getty Images.