Stephen King Compares Trump’s Presidency To His Horror Novels In Best Burn Ever


Acclaimed author and recent outspoken anti-Trump activist Stephen King took to Twitter Wednesday evening to slam the president once again.

King called Trump out for his incessant tweeting habit, saying it shows a “pretty clear portrait” of narcissistic personality disorder.

‘Trump’s tweets in his first hundred days draw a pretty clear portrait: he’s almost textbook case of narcissistic personality disorder.’

It’s not the first time someone’s called Trump out for likely having a some kind of narcissistic personality disorder, either.

Back in January, a top psychotherapist from the renowned Johns Hopkins University Medical School released a terrifying diagnosis of the president. Hopkins’ John D. Gartner unofficially diagnosed Trump with “malignant narcissism.” Although he himself has not personally examined Trump, he claims it’s obvious from watching even a little of his behavior that he meets the diagnostic criteria for the disorder.

According to Psychology Today, malignant narcissists are: “Determined to gratify their wishes and furious if thwarted. Their desire can be so consuming that there is little comprehension of, respect for or ability to empathize with the other.  They lack guilt or remorse and tend to feel or pronounce that it is they who have been mistreated. They can be of any gender, race or social class.”

King may not be all that far off after all.

In a subsequent tweet, the Carrie author wrote:

‘That this guy has his finger on the nuclear trigger is worse than any horror story I ever wrote.’


Twitter, of course, responded in kind. One user changed some of the names of King’s novels to fit Trump.

Mikel Jollet wrote: “It’s like if Thinner was called “Fatter.”

He went on: “Or The Dead Zone was called “The Brain-Dead Zone.”

King has taken to Twitter to lambast the president in the past, too.

Following Trump’s decision to deploy a 21,000 lb. non-nuclear bomb, AKA the “Mother of All Bombs” on Afghanistan last month, King took to Twitter, writing:

‘Come on, chickenshit, if you’re man enough to drop a mega-bomb on Afghanistan, you should be man enough to release your tax returns.’

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