Trump Destroys Special Education Funding Via Obamacare Repeal – Get Ready


There are many problems with Donald Trump’s so-called health care plan. While that’s not late-breaking information, some of the cuts proposed in the bill, will likely be shocking and surprising to some. Specifically, Trump is looking to cut funding to medicaid programs that fund aspects of special education to children with mental and physical diagnoses that cause them to need additional supports in academic settings:

As the caption reads, Trump’s war on the Affordable Care Act is transcending partisan politics and will also have a damning impact on innocent children who desperately need and deserve to have barriers to receiving an education, removed. Because Trump’s plan has so many other problems, people aren’t talking much about its impact on and public education.

However, Trump’s American Health Care Act is looking to destroy almost 30 years of assistance that Medicaid has provided various school districts nationwide. From physical, occupational, and speech therapists, to feeding tubes and other pieces of durable medical equipment, the money helps schools meet federal Americans with Disabilities Act and Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, requirements.

Because an ounce of prevention is truly worth more than a pound of cure, components of the funding also pay for proactive measures such as vision, dental, hearing, and other screenings.

Illinois teacher, Vickie Glenn has long been aware of what passage of Trump’s plan would mean for the young people she serves. She states:

‘If I could have 10 minutes with President Trump, I could help him understand what we do, why it’s important. If he understood, he would protect it, because this isn’t Republicans and Democrats. It’s just kids.’

Glenn isn’t alone in her desire to address Trump regarding the possible cuts. Others reacted to this aspect of the legislation via Twitter:

If passed, the new law will cut Medicaid by $880 billion.

Featured Image via Getty/BSIP/Contributor