Trump Flies Into 3AM Twitter Rant About Obama’s National Security Adviser (TWEETS)


President Trump took to Twitter early this Thursday morning to shout yet again about his claims that the “real” story when it comes to his connections to Russia doesn’t have to do with him and his team at all.

Rather, according to Trump, the “real” story has to do with Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice, who the President claims improperly unmasked members of his team in intelligence reports.

Trump has no basis to make such a claim, having arrived at the place of being all riled up at Rice after desperately trying to find some backing for his claim that he was wiretapped by the Obama administration. (He wasn’t.)

There is, simply, no reason to suspect that Rice ever did anything illegal, no matter the fact that unmasking isn’t the same thing as wiretapping, even though the Trump team claims that the President meant the former all along.

With these issues in mind, it’s unsurprising that Rice has turned down a request for her to testify before the Senate on matters of Trump and Russia.

Nonetheless, President Trump unsurprisingly seized on Rice’s refusal to try and distract attention away from his trainwreck of a presidential administration.

Writing Thursday morning on Twitter, Trump said:

‘Susan Rice, the former National Security Advisor to President Obama, is refusing to testify before a Senate Subcommittee next week on allegations of unmasking Trump transition officials. Not good!’

Twitter promptly ripped into Trump for his implication that there are “allegations of unmasking Trump transition officials” just floating around out there that incriminate Rice.

Check out some of the best replies to Trump’s latest tweestorm below.

Featured Image via NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images