Trump Tweets During AHCA Vote – Forgets How To Spell Mid-Sentence (IMAGES)


In the middle of the ongoing floor debate over the GOP healthcare bill in the House of Representatives this Thursday afternoon, President Trump decided to comment on Twitter about the whole thing — because of course he did. Trump pretty much always thinks in 140 character spurts.

His Thursday afternoon tweet about the healthcare debate is just a re-hashing of the same nonsense that him and his cronies have used in their railings against Obamacare for what feels like forever.

Trump wrote, “I am watching the Democrats trying to defend the “you can keep you doctor, you can keep your plan & premiums will go down” ObamaCare lie.”

Quite simply, Trump, the talking point from the better part of a decade ago has long not been the point to anyone but you.

Democrats have long acknowledged that there are issues with the Affordable Care Act, some of which they assured the public wouldn’t be the case before the ACA actually passed. The real, pressing acute issue is that, instead of working to fix the ACA and thus save the health coverage of tens of millions of people, Trump and his cronies instead want to just send the whole thing up in smoke.

As mentioned, a vote on the healthcare bill is scheduled for Thursday. Should it pass the House, it still needs to make it through the Senate. Notably, a number of leading Republican Senators have expressed opposition to the healthcare bill, so Trumpcare’s fate in the Senate is not certain.

Trump eventually added a more direct attempt at being positive about his own party’s healthcare bill, tweeting: “Insurance companies are fleeing ObamaCare — it is dead. Our healthcare plan will lower premiums & deductibles — and be great healthcare!”

Featured Image via MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images