American Veterans Responds To Trump’s AHCA In Best Way Imaginable (TWEETS)


Throughout his campaign and even thus far during his time in office, Donald Trump has tried to brand himself as someone for service members, their families, and Veterans. The reality is that his health care bill alone, proves that he is about as anti-Veteran as can be.

On top of the millions of everyday folks who will lose care under the bill, those who have fought for the freedoms Americans enjoy, and often return to civilian life with lifelong scars and ailments, are especially screwed under Trump’s legislation. Tim Walz (D-MN), has referred to Trump’s GOP endorsed bill as “absolutely shameful.” He also added:

‘We were loud and clear about the disastrous impact AHCA could potentially have on millions of veterans when the bill was brought up for debate in March. Unfortunately, House Republicans never listened to our warning, and as a result, if this deeply flawed legislation passes as it is written, millions of veterans and their families could have diminished choice in where to seek care.’

A Veterans’ group even made a last minute plea with House Republicans:

Others echoed that tweet:

Another person reminded that the changes that come with Trump’s plan, come at a time when the federal government is running many VA programs with bare bones staffing:

During her passionate address to her colleagues on Thursday, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) called the American Health Care Act a “tax bill,” not a health care bill. To that end, it’s the tax credits that will be taken away from Veterans that make the legislation so detrimental. As it stands, Veterans are able to use care at local VA hospitals or receive tax breaks for care they receive from private providers.

Under the new plan, those breaks are removed, therefore mandating Veterans go to already overwhelmed, understaffed, and often under-equipped VA hospitals. Sadly, the spinelessness of Congressional Republicans in passing the American Health Care Act on to the Senate, also comes as the VA announced that it plans to close over a thousand VA facilities.

Veterans have long been forgotten, disrespected, and not given the treatment they deserve. It’s disgraceful that Trump would campaign on the promise of caring for Vets, then disregard them in such a major way.

Featured Image via Getty/Alex Wong/Staff.