Carter Page Responds To Senate’s Request For Info Regarding His Russian Ties


Business Insider has reported that the Senate Intelligence Committee sent Carter Paige and other Trump associates a letter on April 28th asking them to provide any details relating to any contact they might have had with Russian officials or members of the Russian business community since June 2015.

Page was an early supporter of Donald Trump and served as a foreign policy advisor during the president’s campaign. Since then, Page has volunteered to be interviewed by the Senate as part of its ongoing investigation into Trump’s ties to Russia.

The letter in question requests that Page attend a “closed interview with designated committee staff to be scheduled for a mutually agreeable time.”

Paul Manafort, Micheal Flynn, and Roger Stone have also received similar letters. All three people had close ties to Trump. Manafort served as one of his early campaign managers, Flynn was his first National Security Adviser, and Stone currently serves as an informal adviser to the president.

The letter also requests that Page provided detailed information relating to any meetings he may have had with Russian officials or members of the business community. It is unknown if the others were asked for similar information.

‘Ahead of the closed interview, the letter asks Page to provide “a list of all meetings between you and any Russian official or representative of Russian business interests which took place between June 16, 2015, and January 20, 2017,” including “the date, location, all individuals present, and complete copies of any notes taken by you or on your behalf.”‘

Business Insider reports that Page was instructed to hand over “all communications records such as email or text messages, written correspondence, and phone records, of communications which took place between June 16, 2015, and January 20, 2017, to which you and any Russian official or representative of Russian business interests was a party.”

In response to this letter, Page wrote one of his own where he claimed that he was persecuted by Obama and Clinton for his religious beliefs.

‘Although you set a range of suggested deadlines for the various extensive administrative tasks on your list over the coming weeks, I instead decided to initially get back to you today on the National Day of Prayer.

Having survived the hate crimes committed against me by the Clinton/Obama regime which were in some part pursued due to my Roman Catholic faith … finding strength through prayer in my church and by myself has remained a core source of support throughout this ongoing comically fake inquiry.’

Later on in the letter, Page addresses the Senate’s request for him to turn over his communications. He alleged that the Senate already has records of his communications thanks to a FISA warrant obtained by President Obama.

‘But please note that any records I may have saved as a private citizen with limited technology capabilities will be miniscule in comparison to the full database of information which has already been collected under the direction of the Obama Administration during last year’s completely unjustified FISA warrant that targeted me for exercising my First Amendment rights, both in 2016 as well as in years prior.’

As Business Insider notes, the FBI did obtain a FISA warrant to monitor Page’s communications last year. It has also been reported that the FBI is currently looking into Page’s associations with Russian officials.

The Senate’s letter to Page can be seen below.

Senate Intelligence Committee Letter to Carter Page by Grant Stern on Scribd


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