Trump Administration Fires First Female W.H. Usher – The Reason Will Anger You


Is it possible for the Trump Administration to pull off doing something that isn’t bizarrely off from decades to centuries of American political and social life?

Probably not.

The Washington Post is reporting that the Trump administration has fired the chief WH usher, and nobody knows why. Asked for comment by the Washington Post, the White House simply confirmed that the now former chief usher, Angella Reid, no longer had a job with the Administration.

Reid, remarkably, is the first woman to hold the position of chief WH usher, and she’s only the second African American to do so. As The Washington Post explains, the job of chief WH usher is normally something that entails a long tenure, with there only having been nine, besides Reid, since 1900.

The tenures associated with the job really started to expand around the World War II era, with Howell G. Crim having, for example, served in the position from 1938 through 1957. That tenure covers presidential administrations reaching from Franklin Delano Roosevelt to Dwight D. Eisenhower.

After Crim, James B. West served for some 12 years, from 1957 through 1969, and the tenure lengths go on similarly from there.

The most recent chief WH usher before the now fired Reid, Rear Admiral Stephen W. Rochon, served from 2007 through 2011. His tenure was slightly unusually short because he resigned to take a job at the Department of Homeland Security in 2011. It’s at that time that Rochon, who was the first African American to hold the job since its creation in the late 1800’s, was replaced with Reid.

The Washington Post describes the duties of the chief usher as follows:

‘The chief usher oversees all activities in the White House residence and works as general manager of the building, handling everything from the large staff of butlers, maids, chefs, florists and electricians to fiscal, administrative and personal duties… The chief usher also works closely with the first family, including providing guidance on the furnishings, art and decor.’

As mentioned, the White House declined to provide a reason for Reid’s departure. WH staff were simply informed upon coming to work on Friday morning that they’d no longer be working with Reid.

The Trump administration has had a notoriously difficult time managing the offices that are supposed to be under their supervision. A number of important offices remain empty, and other appointments have already been fired.

The most infamous of the latter category is, of course, Michael Flynn, who was not properly vetted prior to taking the job of the President’s National Security Fired.

Still, whereas in Flynn’s case, there was a clear reason that he was fired, there’s no such clear reason for Reid’s firing.

The Trump Administration has taken the position of firing into the dark in an effort to figuratively burn down everything even remotely associated with Obama, so that might be the only real reason behind Reid’s firing. Reid was, after all, a holdover from the Obama administration.

If this is the reason behind Reid’s firing, it shows just how petty the Trump administration really is.

Featured Image via Alex Wong/Newsmakers/ Getty Images.