885,000 Americans Move To Strip Republicans In Congress Of Their Healthcare


The disappointment that has come with the gross lack of courage on the part of Republican Congressmen/women to stand for the American people, has many Americans sad, angry, and ready to take action. One social media user suggested that the answer to the health care dilemma is that U.S. citizens should receive the same health care plan as members of Congress and the Senate:

Another citizen, Daniel Ramirez, a 30 year-old resident of Portland, OR decided to start a petition, but the goal of the petition will surprise you. Ramirez wants to eliminate health care benefits for members of Congress, and their families, who support Trump’s health care bill. Ramirez’s quest isn’t as far fetched as it may seem as his petition is well on its way to having one million signatures.

As part of the petition’s narrative Ramirez writes:

‘Several years ago, my dad got the news that he had cancer. Sadly, he passed away. My dad had a job at the time, but his employer did not cover him, and without coverage, he avoided going to the doctor until it was too late. As Congress and President Trump try to pass a new healthcare law, I’m reminded of my father and whether he would have made it if he had early access to cost-effective health care.’

Sadly, the plight of Daniel Ramirez’s father isn’t an anomaly. Even sadder, if the Senate doesn’t step-up and stop the health care bill, the story of Ramirez’s father will be the norm for many people in America. Ramirez goes on to say:

‘Like millions of people who are panicking about possible changes to their health insurance, I’m concerned the people elected to represent us won’t have to live with the consequences or expenses that the rest of us may have to face soon. I want lawmakers to commit to treating themselves just like those who will be impacted by ACA repeal or replacement.’

Perhaps if lawmakers had to endure what they’re so gleefully pushing on constituents, they wouldn’t be so quick to endorse what has been widely regarded as a death sentence for America’s most vulnerable people. With that in mind, perhaps the most powerful statement as part of the narrative that captions Ramirez’s petition is this question:

‘If Congress is willing to drastically cut healthcare subsidies for most people, are they willing to have the same rules apply to them and their families?’

For his admirable efforts to require members of Congress who support the American Health Care Act to endure the treatment they’re pushing on others, Daniel Ramirez has garnered well over 885,000 signatures. To support his efforts and sign his petition, click here.

Featured Image via Getty/Anadolu Agency/Contributor