BOOM: Dem Promises To Meet With Constituents GOP Rep Refuses To Speak With

1808 defines the word “coward” as:

‘A person who lacks courage in facing danger, difficulty, opposition, etc.; a timid or easily intimidated person.’

By definition, John Faso (R-NY), is a coward. Faso hugged Andrea Mitchell, one of his constituents, someone who went to the school at which his wife works as a nurse. Mitchell was a classmate of Faso’s children, and Faso listened as Mitchell shared her struggles as someone living with a brain tumor and other serious medical conditions.

Faso acted like he cared, hugging her. However, it wasn’t his facade of concern or embrace of the woman that has people outraged, it’s the fact that Faso looked the Mitchell in her face and committed to voting against the American Health Care Act, but on Thursday, became one of 216 House Republicans to vote for the bill.

Faso’s cowardliness didn’t stop with lying to the face of someone he serves. After the Congressional vote, his office refused to take calls from people wanting to express outrage. This move led to the representative of a district close to Faso’s, getting those calls, which led to that Representative, Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY), tweeting harsh criticism at Faso:

Maloney didn’t stop there with holding Faso and other Republican lawmakers who voted for the legislation, accountable. He went on to argue:

‘I think every Republican who voted for this thing ought to have to stand in front of their voters and explain it.’

Maloney also empathized with Faso constituent Andrea Mitchell, reassuring her that she isn’t “naive” as she said she felt his vote made her feel/look. Maloney shared:

‘Andrea you’re not naive, because I believed him too. There are members of Congress who will not look you in the eye and lie to you about something that serious.’

Firm in his belief that Faso and other Republicans who voted for the legislation owe voters an explanation, Maloney said that he would:

‘If this guy won’t stand up and explain it to you and the people he represents, my neighbors in the Hudson Valley, well I’m gonna do it. I think every Republican who voted for this thing ought to have to stand in front of their voters and explain it. If it takes a Democrat to go in and do it for ’em for a while, I’ll explain what’s in this bill.’

Maloney’s courage in the absence of Faso’s is bold indeed, but it doesn’t seem for show as he closed his statement by offering a challenge to Faso and others:

‘If he [they] don’t like it, then [they] should stand up and explain it [themselves].’

Kudos to Sean Patrick Maloney for having the personal and professional courage that is clearly lacking in Donald Trump, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and other Republicans who so boldly endorse a bill that is simply bad for all Americans except those who are rich.

Featured Image screengrab via Twitter.