Conway Struggles To Keep Straight Face While Making Dumbest Remark Ever (VIDEO)


Kellyanne Conway is good at her job — but when you have a job that involves defending a measure that takes healthcare away from tens of millions of people, being good at it isn’t necessarily a positive.

Appearing this week on Fox News, Conway slammed Democrats as the ones who supposedly don’t care about our nation’s veterans — even though it’s Conway’s boss’s bill that could strip untold millions of veterans of their healthcare due to skyrocketing premiums associated with the “pre-existing condition” of PTSD.

Conway said:

‘Where the hell were those Democrats when veterans were dying waiting for care? I didn’t see them coming on tv with hosts that just sat there listening to them and their screed when there were veterans dying for care who deserved better.’

Well, Conway, there’s this convenient thing called the internet, and that internet preserves things — particularly the records of Democrats calling for better care for our nation’s veterans. It’s not something that you can just pigeonhole as an issue that’s split along party lines.

For instance, in 2009, President Obama himself — who was a Democrat, obviously — commented that “it’s time to give our veterans a 21st-century VA,” before elaborating on how he was going to try and bring that about. Obama outlined policies ranging from paperwork reductions to the “largest single year increase in VA funding in three decades.”

Making Conway’s shallow comments even more hypocritical is the fact that a simple Google search reveals Fox News coverage of a time back in 2014 when Senate Republicans blocked a bill that would have provided “$21 billion for medical, education and job-training benefits for the nation’s veterans.”

Republicans — including Jeff Sessions, who is now the Attorney General — said that they wanted to be “prudent” about federal spending.

In short, Conway’s comments have no basis whatsoever.

Conway wasn’t finished though, going on to attack New Jersey’s Senator Cory Booker for his recent comments about the “death and destruction” that Trumpcare will cause when it strips healthcare from 20 million people.

Conway said:

‘People say he wants to run for President in 2020; you can’t run for President scaring people and going on tv with no host asking you to produce any evidence whatsoever that such death and destruction are going to befall people.’

What’s Booker supposed to do? Lie to people? Is he not allowed to speak his mind?

Watch the video of Conway’s comments below.

Featured Image via Screenshot from the Video.