Disgusted Principal Curses Out Pro-Life Protesters Disrupting School (VIDEO)


Donald Trump’s victory has certainly encouraged the anti-choice movement. Despite Trump’s dubious support for the cause, they have taken his victory as a sign to continue their march to roll back women’s rights.

One of the main ways that that the so-called “pro-lifers” push their agenda is by holding rallies and protests. A lot of the time, these protests take place outside of health care clinics where abortions may be preformed, such as Planned Parenthood. Two teenaged anti-choice protesters decided to veer from this protest standard, and instead opted to protest outside a school, specifically, the STEM Academy in Downingtown, Pennsylvania.

Zachary Ruff, the school’s assistant principal, confronted the protesters who were standing outside the school. One of them was carrying a sign with a picture of an aborted fetus on it. Understandably, that isn’t something you’d want children to see.

When they were asked to leave the school’s grounds, they responded that they were merely “exposing the holocaust that’s happening in America.”

Ruff was understandably annoyed at this claim and told them they were wasting their time worrying about abortion. Instead, he recommended that they go speak with the poor if they really want to help society.

‘If you want to talk about a holocaust happening in America, go into an inner city, and talk to the poor and underprivileged.’

The protesters continued with their protest despite this initial suggestion. Ruff then tried to explain to them that there was no point in them even being there since no one at the school, that he was aware of, had had an abortion since he began working there.

‘We do not have a single pregnancy. I have been here for five years. Nobody is pregnant. Nobody has gotten an abortion.’

As the protesters continued to insist on the scientifically inaccurate belief that fetuses are children, Ruff lost his patience and told them that fetuses are not children. Sadly, he clearly needed to remind the “anti-choicers” that they were at a science-based school.

Ruff also recommended that if they were so concerned about society murdering people then they should go protest the death penalty as that actually does kill innocent people.

The vice-principal finally lost his patience when the students insisted that he need to come to Jesus.

‘Listen here, son: I’m as gay as the day is long and twice as sunny. I don’t give a f*** what you think Jesus tells me…Just because you choose to believe a book of fiction doesn’t mean I have to… This isn’t the time or the place to for you to harass innocent schoolchildren who have nothing to do with your twisted, perverted agenda… You and Trump can go to hell.’

You can check out the exchange for yourself below:

Featured image via Getty Images.