Gov. Scott Walker Freaks Out On Reporter When Questioned About AHCA (VIDEO)


Stories of cowardice associated with those who voted in favor of Donald Trump’s and the GOP’s health care bill, are never-ending. In the hours after the legislation barely got the votes needed to get out of the House, Republicans who voted for the measure have repeatedly failed to face the people they’ve disappointed.

The lack of courage by members of the GOP has led to Democratic lawmakers like Sean Patrick Maloney (NY) stepping up and pledging to meet with constituents whose Republican legislators who won’t defend their support of the so-called health care bill. The trickle down effect of Washington lawmakers being unwilling to address voters is that state politicians now feel empowered to dismiss questions about the proposed health care law.

Such dismissal was on brazen display by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. While at a tourism event, Outagamie County Executive Tom Nelson (D), inquired about Walker’s plans for next steps. Walker immediately got extremely defensive. Despite Nelson’s attempts not to cause a scene by keeping his voice low, Walker spoke in a harsh and elevated tone that was just shy of yelling.

Most would argue that Nelson’s question was simple and reasonable, and that given the sensitivity of the subjects of health care and Trump’s bill, the controversial legislation is the topic of the day. Nelson asked Walker, “What is your plan?”

Walker curtly replied:

The plan is I’m going to wait for what the Senate and the president do, and we’ll see from there.’

Escalating the conversation to place it didn’t need to go and deflecting from the subject at hand, Walker then resorted to the immature antic of deflecting. Placing blame on Nelson as if Nelson was displaying anything other than diligence on behalf of the voters he serves, Walker remarked:

‘So just to be clear folks, just to be clear, the county executive wants to take away from tourism right now and play a political stunt about a topic that has nothing to do with what we’re talking about today.’

As if he doesn’t know how a bill becomes a law and that going before the Senate is imminent, and waiting until then to speak-up regarding the bill is far too late, Walker went on to evade the question even more by adding:

‘It’s on an issue that was voted in front of the House of Representatives but is not even going forward in the Senate right now. We’ll take a look at it when it goes to the United States Senate. We’re going to lobby in a way that allows us to do the things that we’ve done here in the state of Wisconsin.’

Nelson was the consummate professional. He didn’t fall for Walker’s efforts to bait him into an argument and/or getting upset, Nelson kept a cool demeanor and told Walker he was the one making things political. Like a childish school boy, Walker retorted:

‘If you want to play politics, you should run for office. You want to run for governor, run for governor.’

Astute in his read of Walker, Nelson did take one small poke at Walker. He jabbed:

‘Look, this obviously has gotten under your skin.’

To which Walker replied:

‘What’s gotten under my skin, ladies and gentlemen, is the fact that someone decided to pull a political stunt and show up at an event about tourism.’

Someone really should remind Scott Walker that he doesn’t get to decide when and where tough questions will be asked of him. As an elected official, it’s absolutely his duty to provide honest and sincere answers to questions he is asked, regardless of how he feels about the questions.

See Tom Nelson keep his cool with a very emotionally unstable Scott Walker, below:

Featured Image screengrab via YouTube.