Melania Parties After AHCA Passing; Twitter Makes Her Regret It Instantly (TWEETS)


Melania Trump’s Twitter followers did not react well to a tweet she posted about her Thursday night activities.

The first lady, on the same day that the American Health Care Act passed the House of Representatives, tweeted about an event that she and the President were attending.

‘@POTUS and I celebrated 75th anniversary of Battle of the Coral Sea w/ Australia’s Prime Minister Turnbull.’

It was a fairly innocuous tweet and Mrs. Trump’s posts always receive a fair amount of praise in the form of people telling her how beautiful she is. In addition to the compliments, though, many of the first lady’s followers were — rightfully — more than a little put off by the fact that she was out partying while millions of Americans were worrying about how soon they will lose their health insurance.

Plenty of people pointed out in the comments section of the tweet the fact that the U.S. is way behind countries like Australia when it comes to providing its citizens with affordable, quality health care.

Not everyone had a comment about health care, though. It seems that a few other commenters just showed up to point out how incompetent Melania Trump’s husband really is.

Meanwhile, at least one person from Australia chimed in to let the first lady know how he feels about her, her husband, and her husband’s administration.

This is not the first time Melania Trump has received health care-related criticism, and it probably won’t be the last.

Just last week, she tweeted about the wonderful time she had dedicating a “healing garden” at the Washington, D.C. Children’s National Medical Center.

Not long after she shared a tweet talking about the garden and the “vital role” that it will play “in recovery of extraordinary patients,” Mrs. Trump was bombarded with comments from followers pointing out the hypocrisy in her promoting children’s health while her husband worked to take away their insurance.

She also incurred the wrath of the American people when she spoke about the ability of nature to heal sick children after visiting a pediatric ward in New York City earlier this year.

It seems that Mrs. Trump, like her husband, will never learn to think before she tweets.

Featured image via Win McNamee/Getty Images.