Trump Blocks National Security Adviser From W.H. Meetings – POTUS Ally Confirms


Mike Cernovich is one of the least reliable sources of information in Washington. His pizzagate scandal was not only the kind of “fake news” that Donald Trump loves to cry about, but almost got innocent people killed. However, the alt-right White Nationalist “fake news” blogger and so-called writer, clearly has the attention of Donald Trump and those closest to him.

The attention that Cernovich has received, enabled him to obtain White House press credentials. With his newfound access in mind, even his unreliable background may get a pass where his latest report is concerned. Cernovich tweeted:

Unsure as to who “McMaster,” is? That’s quite possible since the Trump administration hasn’t allowed McMaster to be front and center very much. However, McMaster is H.R. McMaster, Trump’s replacement for the disgraced Michael Flynn.

The news that Donald Trump could be freezing out McMaster comes as the perception had previously been that McMaster and Secretary of Defense James Mattis, were viewed as being in control of military affairs. This perception was given further credence as Donald Trump refused to scale down his frequent getaways to play golf and vacation, thus leaving Mattis and McMaster to handle matters of national security.

Reactions to Cernovich’s tweet were mixed:

While Cernovich remains an unreliable source, his tweet does further support the lack of stability, cohesion, and order in the Trump administration. Moreover, the notion that Trump would exclude someone on his staff isn’t unbelievable. It wasn’t too long ago that there were reports of Kellyanne Conway having been frozen out for repeatedly speaking in ways that made Trump look worse than he makes himself look.

Looks like the one thing the Trump administration does really well is have chaos and discord.

Featured Image via Getty/Nicholas Kamm/Staff