Trump White House Refuses To Talk About Climate Change To Foreign Countries


When Donald Trump picked someone who has repeatedly sued the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to lead the EPA, he gave people license to reasonably believe that the days of having an administration that cared even a little about the environment, were long gone. The acts of the Trump administration in the days since Scott Pruitt’s appointment have proven Trump’s lack of regard for all matters related to the environment and climate change.

In fact, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has gone as far as calling Trump’s stance on climate change beyond “pathetic:”

In addition to his anti-Earth stance and policies, the answers given by the Trump administration to a UN questionnaire regarding climate change and associated issues, show that Trump isn’t even willing to report on his environmental policies/plans. Specifically, the questions were seeking information as to how Trump plans to adhere to President Obama’s Paris Agreement.

The answers were furnished to the public on Thursday. To one question, the Trump administration responded:

The administration is reviewing existing policies and regulations in the context of a focus on strengthening U.S. economic growth and promoting jobs for American workers, and will not support policies or regulations that have adverse effects on energy independence and U.S. competitiveness.’

President Obama agreed that the U.S. would lower greenhouse emissions between 26 and 28 percent by 2025. The initial goal was to lower emissions 17 percent by 2020.

Several times, the Trump administration was asked how they would meet the 2020 goal, especially since Trump appears to be on a path of destruction that includes attempts to undo everything President Obama has done. Some of the questions around that topic included:

‘Could the US provide information regarding the steps taken to ensure targets for 2020 can be met? Has the U.S. prepared any alternative approaches to mitigate emission of electricity sector in case the [Clean Power Plan] is canceled?’

Like everything enacted by President Obama, Donald Trump has been extremely critical of the Paris Agreement. It’s unfortunate that Trump hasn’t been truly collaborative in his work with the U.N. regarding climate change, but they shouldn’t be surprised.

Watch Trump totally minimize the importance of addressing  climate change in the video below:

Featured Image via Getty/Barcroft Media/Contributor