Congresswomen Moves To Force Colleagues On Trump’s Healthcare Plan Like Everyone Else


Much to the dismay of many Americans, the first week of May concluded with the passing of the “repeal and replace” Obamacare options put forth. While Trump took this as a huge personal victory and celebrated his win, many voters felt conflicted about which way they went with their vote. There was one ray of hope, and that came from Martha McSally.

McSally wanted to make sure that the rules that were supposed to apply to all American people really did apply to all Americans. Originally members of Congress and the Senate had been exempted from certain provisions that concern pre-existing conditions, specifically the state waiver provisions of the American Health Care Act. Rep. McSally said:

‘Any law we pass that applies to our constituents must apply equally to Members of Congress as well. Anything short of that is hypocrisy. Congress must abide by the laws it passes and should be treated no differently than other hardworking Americans. My measure eliminates double standards by preventing Members of Congress from exempting themselves from American Health Care Act’

To anyone who isn’t a member of Congress, this new thought was welcomed with open arms.
The MacArthur Amendment of the American Health Care Act would have made it so that members of Congress as well as their staff were exempt from many of the aspects of the AHCA that leaves most average Americans very worried. This is what McSally wants to do away with. H.R 2192 is a standalone bill that intends to repeal this provision, in the chance that the American Health Care act does in fact become law. Her amendment passed the House by a vote of 429-0.

While McSally is a Republican, she has not been overly enthusiastic about the plans that the Trump administration put forward in regards to healthcare reform. Earlier in he week McSally refused to state what her position was on the matter publicity, although she eventually caved and reportedly told her coworkers that it as time to “get this f*cking thing done.”

Well it would seem that they did get it done, and are not working on improving upon it. At least the members of Congress that are responsible for the bill even passing will have to endure it with the rest of America.

So while the terrible healthcare bill has been passed at least there appears to be a small bit of light at the end of the tunnel. The bill will now proceed to the Senate. If it passes from there it will go into committee to have differences reconciled. There is a lot more that has to happen before it can take effect either way.

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