Kellyanne Conway Went On ‘Fox Sunday’ & Was Exposed As A Ghoulish Monster (VIDEO)


The Trump administration and those who support it, have long showed that they sit high, disregard who they perceive as low, and give not a single care about the large percentage of Americans struggling to make ends meet. As if choosing between lifesaving medications/medical procedures and health care that often cost thousands or more each month and picking a new mobile device that amounts to around $30/month, Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) once went as far as saying poor Americans need to put their health over a getting a new smart phone.

It’s the overt tone of elitism by members of the Republican party who support Trump that has everyday Americans feeling like the country is being led by a bunch of spoiled brats who will never be able to understand the plight of those fighting to survive. Counted among those brats is Kellyanne Conway.

On Sunday, Conway went on Fox & Friends and further showed just how out of touch with reality she truly is. When asked about the feedback regarding the GOP’s so-called health care plan being that it leaves many people uninsured and puts others on a path to death, Conway flippantly remarked:

‘Look, it’s easier to jeer from the cheap seats than come up with a message of your own and be honest about the facts. How did we get here? Why have so many Americans asked for Obamacare to be repealed and replaced? It’s because you have premiums that have increased by 40 percent on average.’

“Jeer from the cheap seats?” Quite a harsh comment being that the people who will be most negatively impacted if the bill passes, are people whose struggle prevents them from even having a seat at Conway’s metaphoric event.

Further showing how much of an ignoramus she is, Conway went on to assert:

‘You know, saying people are going to die — and the enablers in the mainstream media not calling out those breathless, heartless predictions, and going right on to prognostication for 2018. Why in the world are we talking about who is going to win in 2018 when the duty of the mainstream media, of news reporters is to tell you what’s actually in the bill, not to allow others to scare.’

Conway’s elitist remarks come the day after Saturday Night Live addressed the noticeable absence of Conway in recent weeks. A fact highlighted in the tweet below by CNN:

Perhaps Conway needs to go back to wherever she has been.

Watch Conway insult working Americans in the clip below:

Featured Image screengrab via YouTube.